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Words from My Clients

I work very hard to make sure my clients are always satisfied with my services. As a result, I’ve earned a reputation as a trusted Ice Machine Specialist. Read on to see what some of my previous clients have said about my work and services.

Elegant Female

Katie with Home2Conway

Before Blue Ribbon Ice came to my location the Ice Machine in our Hotel Kitchen had been down for over 6 months. This created a huge issue because we would have to carry ice all the way from the other side of the building. As you can imagine this was very difficult. I called Blue Ribbon Ice and they was on the location the next day ready to service my Ice machines. They was able to Fix my Kitchen machines as well as clean and service 5 others.  I truly made the right decision in contacting Blue Ribbon. Fast, Professional, and an easy Invoicing procedure.

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Quinn Davis

Recently had the pleasure of meeting Hunter from Blue Ribbon Ice. I have to say the future is bright for this young man. Their commitment to health and quality control is unmatchable. Providing top-notch cleaning and sanitation services for ice machines. This has saved my business a lot of money by keeping these machines more energy efficient.

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Middle Aged Woman

Holiday INN Franchisee

Blue Ribbon Ice has Serviced several of our locations. The process has been so simple, its as if they was never there. We signed up for the 90-day program for our locations. Ever since our machines have been operating at 100% and could not be happier with our Services!

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