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Below you’ll find a collection of some of the questions I get asked most frequently. I’ve answered these questions as best I can, so I hope you find the info you’re looking for. If not, get in touch and I’ll do my best to help you as soon as possible.

This is a picture of dirty parts on a unit pertaining to the business

Why Should My Ice Machine Be Serviced Every 90 days?

Your Ice Machine needs to be thoroughly inspected and cleaned every 90 Days. Without proper cleaning, limescale and calcium can build up in your machine and affect the smell and taste of ice. As the ice melts, it impacts the drink your customer ordered as well. The ice will also melt faster when your machine is not maintained properly.

dirty ice machine

How long does it take to Clean?

It Usually takes about 3-4 hours to clean a machine that has not been maintained in some time. That is why we offer our 90-day Program that way you can always ensure you machine is operating energy efficient.

dirty ice machine

What Payments are Accepted?

Cash, Check, Credit, and Invoice. some fees may apply to invoice and credit card transactions.

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